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Speaking of customer satisfaction...

“You stand there and there and actually watch the plants grow. I'm not kidding.”

— Jean K., Novato, CA

“The EarthBox is a great idea, even for apartments.”

— Virginia B., Bedford, TX

“My bother has 14 tomato plants. I outproduce him with just three!”

— Jim N., Scranton, PA

“We had so many tomatoes, we stopped counting at 100.”

— Jack F., Ellenton, FL

“String beans-unbelievable. Tomatoes-incredible. My artichokes are four feet tall already.”

— Teresa C., Pacifica, CA

“My plants in the EarthBox grew twice the size of the ones in the ground.”

— Glen P., Lakeland, FL

“The plants in my EarthBoxes look as good as the ones in your brochure.”

— Jack C., Randallstown, MD

“My EarthBoxes worked so well, I bought one for my 94-year-old mother.”

— Richard T., Fullerton, CA

“Please Send me 5 More EarthBoxes. Never have I had such awesome tomatoes.”

— Jeanne B., Moodus, CT

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