Homegrown Vegetables Without A Garden

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The Educational EarthBox®

A Versatile, Easy to Use,
Instructional and Recreational Tool

Standards Based Booklets EarthBox Ready-to-Grow Kit

EarthBox® Standards-Based Site Packages for Classroom and After School Use

EarthBox® Pre-K–12th grade standards-based curriculum support packages bring science to life with hands-on, cross-curricula lesson plans that teach students the innate principles and properties of water, light, soil, plants and nutrition by utilizing the scientific method in student-driven experiments that take place in a scientifically engineered container garden system, the EarthBox® Ready-to-Grow Kit, available in Green or Terracotta.

Garden Packages EarthBox EarthBox Ready-to-Grow Kit

EarthBox® Garden Packages

EarthBox® Garden Packages bring the multi-faceted joys of gardening to life with an easy-to-use EarthBox® container garden system that guarantees success without weeding, hoeing or digging. It is an ideal tool to build horticultural skills and self-esteem in youth, senior, and institutionalized populations. Packages include either a Youth, Senior or Institutional Garden Guide. The Youth Garden Guide is correlated to the standards-based support Curriculum. The Senior Guide features easy-to-do, fun-filled activities of specific interest to seniors. The Institutional Guide focuses on growing, nurturing and consuming twenty-one healthy crops. EarthBox and Ready-to-Grow Garden Packages are available for purchase in Green or Terracotta.

Plant EarthBoxes with seeds or seedlings.

All educators, activity directors, and after school providers are invited to join the EarthBox Forum’s Educational Strand to share how the EarthBox is being used in Best Practice activities across the country. To participate, join the EarthBox Forum and scroll down to the Educational Strands to read and post.

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