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The Educational EarthBox®

Institutional Garden Package

Institutional Garden Package Education Testimonials

The Institutional Garden Package provide general EarthBox gardening information, and specific information on the planting, nurturing and harvesting of 21 nutritional crops, their food value, and the recommended daily intake amount as per MyPyramid. Many institutions and community based organizations choose EarthBox to compliment their programs and provide food for their residents.

They choose EarthBox because it is so easy and efficient. There is no hoeing, no digging, no weeding. Even the most inexperienced gardener succeeds with the EarthBox. One fertilizer application with the required amount of nutrients lasts an entire season. It can never be over watered. Optional accessories like staking systems and an automated watering system enhance its user friendliness. Concise instructions guide the user through every step of EarthBox preparation. There is no second guessing. Results are guaranteed!

Gino Merli Veteran's Center

They choose EarthBox because it is highly adaptable and portable. It allows the production of high-value produce in non-traditional settings such as on asphalt, concrete, decks and patios or in places with poor soil. With high quality casters, the EarthBox moves easily from place to place, and season to season to accommodate the needs of crops and programs.

They choose EarthBox because the results are phenomenal. After years of scientific research, developers determined the specific number of crops to plant to produce high yield, nutritionally sound food. For example, one EarthBox produces 50 pounds of tomatoes!

They choose EarthBox because it is a sustainable resource. The UV protected EarthBox and the growing medium can be used year after year. It is recyclable and conserves water, fertilizer, soil and energy. The system prevents pollution because there is no fertilizer run-off to pollute the groundwater table or soil. Plants in EarthBoxes need far fewer pesticides or fungicides because they receive all of the nutrients and water that they need to stay healthy.

They choose the EarthBox to provide food security. High yield EarthBoxes produce healthy crops for many who would otherwise be without fresh produce. Senior citizens living in housing developments, residents of half way houses and adjudicated youth facilities, and many other populations with financial, geographical and transportation issues have access to fresh produce when they grow food in EarthBoxes.

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