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Welcome to the EarthBox® Senior Garden and Guide, and to a world of gardening developed by a senior citizen, Blake Whisenant. Blake collaborated on the design of the EarthBox® during an extensive research project that spanned years of experiments performed by scientists at the University of Florida, Rutgers and Penn State. From the onset, Blake, a concerned Florida tomato farmer, knew that the world could benefit from a high yield, sustainable container vegetable garden to conserve and protect resources and to provide food security. Naturally, as a senior citizen, he also wanted to develop a product to conserve the energy and resources of senior citizens! In addressing the energy and resource needs of Mother Earth and her senior citizens, today’s EarthBox® uses less water and fertilizer and reusable potting mix to grow and harvest healthy crops in an easy to use system on casters that requires no weeding, no hoeing and no digging!

For some senior citizens, who live in assisted living facilities, long term care homes, trailer parks and retirement communities, access to a traditional garden is limited. However, with the EarthBox®, the possibilities are nearly limitless. The mobile EarthBox® grows produce wherever there is 6-8 hours of sunlight on decks, balconies, paved driveways, lawns and in greenhouses.

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The EarthBox’s low maintenance and ease of use make it an excellent choice to get seniors involved in gardening for the first time, or to give veteran gardeners who suffer from physical disabilities the chance to resume a fulfilling and rewarding hobby. By placing the EarthBox® on tabletops or stands, senior citizens no longer have to bend over to harvest vegetables, trim herbs, or smell flowers.

The Senior Garden Guide provides a distinct and advantageous array of opportunities to enrich the lives of seniors. Senior Garden Table of Contents.pdf

Activity Directors use the guide with the EarthBox® to enhance the lives of the senior citizen with easy to follow instructions. Senior Garden Sample Activity.pdf

EarthBox® gardens promote physical activity and provide a focal point for conversation. They provide intergenerational opportunities that enrich the lives of the youth and the senior citizens. By introducing this wonderful gardening tool to your facility, seniors will experience the joy of gardening and the hope of the harvest.

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